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Join our membership and pre-paid your card for $1000 and get $200 extra value.

*Terms & conditions apply, check below for details.

*Xiaolongkan membership Terms & Conditions

1. With the card, you can enjoy the distinguished services of the XLK members. Please present this card when you are shopping in one of our stores, as long as there are credits remain within the card all your bill will receive a 10% off discount.
2. This card is a rechargeable card, please keep it secured. If it is lost, our store will not be responsible for reissuing the card.
3. This card can not be redeemed for cash, no change, no cash withdrawal, and no return or exchange once issued.
4. This card is registered with the owner's real name, and should only be used by the card owner and cannot be loaned to others.
5. The final interpretation right of this card belongs to XiaoLongKan Hotpot in Canada.
6. All Membership Benefits are valid only during the Membership Term and shall automatically expire thereafter.
7. This card can ONLY be used in chain stores belonging to the XiaoLongKan Hotpot in Toronto.

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